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Roller Mechanics & Bottom Tracks

The basic Idea: The sliding door elements are mounted in the space from the floor to the ceiling, independent from a shelving system. In this way, rooms are divided, niches covered and closets configured.

Since the weight of the elements rests on the floor, the installation of doors is possible throughout the building regardless of whether a wood, concrete or plasterboard ceiling is found in the room.


Roller mechanics and bottom tracks

The upper guide rollers are made from a solid zinc die cast block. This prevents the play in the ceiling track from becoming bigger due to transportation or wear, thereby preventing the risk of any clatter.



Upper roller                                             Lower roller


Since the sliding rollers from our company are always on ball bearings, movement remains pleasant and easy for years.


The lower dual-roller ensures reliable running, even in the event of obstacles. The small positioning plate is inserted for precise locking accurate to the millimeter.



Small positioning plate                         Bottom track



By means of a guide groove in the bottom track where the bottom rollers run, you will experience optimal and vibration-free gliding performance of the doors. The bottom tracks can be applied with merely 6 mm in height on the floor or nearly flush, regardless of whether embedded in carpet, tile or parquet flooring.